Chief Legal, Regulatory and Sourcing Officer
Orange Jordan

Dr. Ibrahim Harb has held the position of the Chief Legal, Regulatory and Sourcing Officer of Orange Jordan since September 2014.

Prior to that, Dr. Harb was the Chief Legal and Regulatory officer of Orange Jordan (2010 - 2014), and the Legal and Regulatory Director of Orange Jordan (2005 - 2010).

Before that, he held the position of Acting Human Resources Officer at Jordan Telecom (2004), and was the Training Manager and the Training Center Manager (1999 - 2004) at Jordan Telecom.

Dr. Ibrahim also holds a PhD in Communications Engineering. He has taught for many years many basic, electronics, satellite and microwave courses; and has developed many telecommunications related courses (transmission and electronic).

Dr. Ibrahim has also published different papers in the field of telecommunications and communications; developed and delivered many workshops on change management; prepared and published many reports; and undertaken many researches in various areas of his expertise.