Dr. Diar Ahmed is the CEO of Asiacell, the first and largest Iraqi telecom company. Dr. Ahmed assumed this position in 2008 to lead a world-class team extending over 2,000 employees. Dr. Ahmed has scored numerous achievements as the company's CEO, most notably of which is increasing the company's subscribers well over 7 millions in a record time. Under his leadership, the company also became the sole Iraqi telecom provider with 100% national coverage of the all 18 governorates of Iraq. As the company's CEO, Dr. Ahmed shoulders the responsibilities of devising and implementing Asiacell's long-term strategies, monitoring the work process and controlling quality. Since joining Asiacell in 2002, Dr. Ahmed has assumed a number of critical positions at the company. He was first appointed as a media relations manager and the official spokesperson for Asiacell, for which he was greatly qualified due to his staggering ability to communicate with the various media and social segments in the country. Dr. Ahmed later become the company's marketing manager, assuming the responsibility of placing long-term marketing and public relations strategies to promote the company's various products and services to the Iraqi public. Under his leadership, the department was able to develop highly creative strategies that had greatly benefited the company and the Iraqi public. Before becoming CEO, Dr. Ahmed was the official consultant for the company's Board of Directors on all executive, financial, developmental, quality control, marketing and public relations issues. Dr. Ahmed established IraqCom, a company specialized in providing advanced IT end to end solutions in 2004 to become one of the leading players in the field in Iraq. Dr. Ahmed acquired MBChB in General Medicine from Sulaymaniyah University in 1998. He also acquired a Master's degree in clinical Pharmacology in 2005. He is also a certified HP expert. Dr. Ahmed believes that an organization's success cannot be achieved without the implementation of various mechanisms that allow for continuous communication with all segments of society. He also believes that life is full of positive opportunities that any ambitious person must combine with viable skills and expertise to secure a promising future.