Arthur D. Little

Dr. Wesam Alanqar is a manager with Arthur D. Little management strategy consulting, based in Dubai office.Senior member part Telecom Information Technology Media and Electronic (TIME) practice in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market, with over 12 years of combined industry and consulting experience

Career vision is to operate as a Technology Strategist & Evangelist, a seasoned technology strategy professional who can independently drive and enhance clients’ technology and innovation leadership reputation, by influencing the opinion leaders of the ICT/Internet/start-up/VC community and media in the Middle East.

Prior to ADL, he was employed for over 3 years as a Sr. Associate with Booz & Company and for 8 years as a Principal Technology Strategist with Sprint Nextel CTO Office, covering next generation technology strategies.

Dr. Alanqar holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering with focus in telecommunications from the University of Kansas, and an MBA in strategic management from Purdue University. He is fluent in Arabic and English.