International Affairs and Policy Coordinator

Dr. Aykut continues to work at Turk Telekom after joining the company in 2008. Following his graduation from the EE Dept. at METU, he started at the R&D Centre in TESTA?. He was a member of the team responsible for the TAFICS Project Master Plan of the Turkish Military. Starting from 1989, he worked with R&D and Design Groups of Alcatel for GSM and 3G Technologies in Germany. In 2001, he headed the Turkish and Israeli markets in Ericsson in the 3G field. He returned to Turkey to work at Turkcell in 2003, establishing and leading the Wireless Broadband and R&D Divisions respectively.

Additional to his main responsibilities, he was a GSMA Executive Committee Member, Health Policy Chairman and Regulations Advisory Group Member. He contributed to various Working Groups of ICTA, the State Planning Organization and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications among other public institutions. He currently serves as an Executive Board Member at ETNO and the Policy Board Chairman at SAMENA Council.