Dr. Amor Ben Dhia, is the Director of Cellempower a company he founded in Media City in 2004. Before that Dr. Amor was the CEO of Tunis Telecom City, a smart city for which β€œhe” signed the Agreement with the Tunisian Government on behalf of GFH – Bahrain, in 2009.

Prior to that Dr. Amor was Head of different marketing units within the Marketing Department at Etisalat HO where he was N-2 reporting to SEVP Marketing at Etisalat-HO. He dealt with mobile value added services among other charges. Before joining Etisalat in 2001, he was Director of e-Com Solutions and of Consulting Departments for business development of Mobile Network Apps at Alcatel / France.

Dr. Amor has obtained in 2004 his PhD from University of Pierre & Marie Curie, in Mechanical Engineering before carrying different Education and Research activities for 4 Years. Dr. Amor is married has been blessed with two wonderful boys and an amazing wife. He lives in UAE since 2001 and in Dubai since mid-2004.