Alatsair specialises in the provision of regulatory policy, economic and strategic advice to the telecoms sector. A major part of Alastair’s work has focused on the debate defining what is the appropriate form of regulatory intervention in the case of market failure and assisting operators with all aspects of their regulatory obligations including separation remedies, interconnection and access pricing and costing, retail price controls, universal service and regulatory reporting.

Alastair leads PwC Strategy&’s Regulatory Centre of Excellence. He is a recognised expert in the areas of telecommunications regulation and policy strategy and network economics, including network and service costing, interconnect costing and pricing, accounting separation and regulatory reporting. Alastair assisted policymakers, regulators, and telecom operators in 20+ countries around the world, at various stages of market development and in the context of different development objectives. Prior to joining PwC Strategy&, Alastair worked at BT plc where he spent two years in face-to-face dealings with the UK telecoms regulator and competing operators