Telecommunications Lebanon

Mr. Antoine Boustani was educated in the USA graduating with MBA degree in Telecommunications. He is currently acting as an advisor to the Minister of Telecommunications. He serves as the General Manager of the telec Company, active in the Telecommunication field and mainly in the Radiofrequency space, a technical consultant to various Audio/Visual Broadcasting companies and Satellite earth stations and an advisor to the National Audiovisual Council. Previously, he has served as a Member of the Lebanese Parliamentary Technical Committee to institute the new audiovisual law in Lebanon, a Technical Advisor to the Minister of Information, an Advisor to the Minister of Telecommunications (July 2008 - November 2009) and an Advisor to the National Audiovisual Council. He has conducted extensive training and research projects around the world, in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, Cyprus, UK and USA, among others. He is an active lecturer and trainer in various Universities, Seminars and Workshops and serves as an issue expert for International interviews.