Chief Executive Officer
SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Bocar BA is a noted management and technology consultant whose expertise includes enabling companies to building solid relationships with global customers, identifying untapped revenue growth opportunities, consolidating multiple contracts for government cooperation and developing strategies for market penetration in emerging countries throughout the Middle East and Africa. He also serves as a director and board member of several companies in Technology and Management & Consultancy Services and is driving the awareness of the value of technology in everyday life across the region. He is actively involved in the SAMENA (South Asia, Middle East and North Africa) Telecommunications Council as President. Mr BA's role as President of SAMENA includes leading the management of all the Council's meetings and continuing SAMENA's research efforts and intellectual property of all telecom institutions in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa with collective efforts from all members and committees, helping member operators of the umbrella organization address issues and take advantage of opportunities in the telecommunications industry in the region. Bocar's credentials include 21 years of experience in the area of business development, international marketing and consultancy services, holding a series of senior executive management positions in major corporations in Paris. He also worked closely with several governments to promote trade, investment and cooperation between developed and developing countries in Europe and the Middle East. He is also actively involved in privatization process in MEA and Investment projects, aiming to link governmental opportunities throughout the region. With his dynamic drive and positive energy, he has also proven to be a great Networker for both the private and government sectors.