Al Harbi International

David Castillo is President of Al Harbi Telecom, Marketing and Sales and Al Harbi International, joining in 2000. Al Harbi International for Telecom is a major WAN provider, utilising fibre, IPMPLS, WiMAX, and VSAT Solutions Creator, supplying connectivity, IP, Videoconferencing, Point-2-Point, Voice over IP, and complete satellite services to countries, corporations, and government, military, international and non-profit organizations. AHI has major Network centres in London, New York, Riyadh, and Jeddah. David consults, designs, and meets regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to regional and world-impacting communications problems. Prior to his current position, he created and led the Satellite Earth and Internet Strategy team in Moscow as COO for the Rupert Murdock Company, PLD Telecom and Moscow Teleport; they provided principle connectivity in all of the former Soviet Union with VSAT and Earth Station Services. He has over 38 years in the Global international Communications market having started with ITT in NY and then expanding to and EDS Communications Company, and then with Reuters as Operations Director in London and Moscow. David is on the Board of Advisors of SAMENA, an Issue and Advocate organization in Dubai, serving South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Born in Washington DC, raised in Madrid Spain, and graduated from the University of Texas, he served as an officer in USAF Strategic Air Command. David now lives with his wife Elena Yazykova in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.