Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and the largest operator in the Arab world headquartered in the UAE (as per Financial Times 500 March 31, 2008). We operate in 17 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, in markets with a combined total population that exceeds 1.7 billion people with international subscriber base that has exceeded 80 million. We are comprehensive telecommunications provider offering a one-stop shop for mobile and fixedline voice and data services to individuals, enterprises and international telecommunications companies, ISPs, content providers and mobile operators. Our offerings include a variety of hi-tech managerial and technical services, and training to the telecommunication industry, while bringing new technology to customers all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat is the major internet hub in the Middle East, responsible for internet, voice, mobile broadband, roaming and corporate data services. We are also a major investor in Thuraya, one of the world’s leading satellite geo-mobile communication systems which provide coverage across two-thirds of the planets surface. Our 510 international roaming agreements enable our customers to enjoy BlackBerry®, 3G and voice roaming services, with Points of Presence in Frankfurt, Singapore, London, New York, Amsterdam and Paris.


As of December 2008 Etisalat UAE reported 7.30 Million mobile customers Fixed line customers, 1.36m Internet customers at 1.15. This placed the UAE amongst the most highly penetrated markets. We are proud to be part of this success and continue supporting this growth with the best network and widest coverage in the region. Whether our customers are a large or small business, homeowner or an individual consumer, they all enjoy convenience, great value, constant innovation and the best customer service that provides the experience and opportunities they deserve. We constantly strive to reward our customers with the best promotions and pricing plans.


Today, our size and reach are helping us to create synergies between our operations which enable us to efficiently sustain our growth. Etisalat will continue to extend people’s reach by providing the services and technologies that enable individuals and businesses around the world to communicate and outperform their competitors. Etisalat will continue to succeed with its operations, using the wealth of experience and knowledge in all telecoms related services that it has gained over the past three decades to provide superior value and quality for both its customers and shareholders.


Etisalat has been able to maintain, and in certain spheres improve on, our growth trajectory in terms of financial and operational parameters. Etisalat has registered 22% growth in revenue and 19% in our profits against those of the last fiscal year. On a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), group revenue and net profit have both grown by 26% over the last four years.


Etisalat International

The international telecom market offers infinite potential for expansion. Etisalat has and will continue to tap UAE market with emphasis on opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Europe. This strategy, as a means of rapid growth, will more than offset the anticipated impact of competition in the UAE.


Furthermore, exposure in highly competitive global markets will provide the experience and essential know-how to make operations more efficient, more effective and expand the range of opportunities, thus rewarding our customers with world-class services. We recently acquired green-field licenses in Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Sudan (Canar), Egypt (Etisalat Misr), Tanzania (Zantel) and Afghanistan (Etisalat Afghanistan), India (Swan Telecom), Nigeria (Etisalat Nigeria EMTS) and have made investments in incumbent operators in Pakistan (PTCL), Indonesia and West Africa (Atlantic Telecom).


Etisalat Services

Etisalat Services is a new holding company for many of Etisalat’s most exciting ventures. e-Real Estate, e-Facilities Management, e-marine, e-Academy, Ebtikar, EDCH and Yellow Page Directory Services now fall under this banner. Other activities such as Project Management could follow. The objective of creating this company is to foster an environment for Etisalat’s non-core businesses to renew their entrepreneurial focus, promote efficiency, improve customer service and enhance shareholder value.