About Umniah:

The fastest growing network in Jordan and the most successful operator to enter the Jordanian telecommunications market, Umniah - a subsidiary of Batelco Group - offers comprehensive mobile, Internet and business solutions, providing the domestic market with quality customer service and value for money. Since its launch in 2005, Umniah has been able to expand the Jordanian mobile market penetration rate from 26% to over 100%, proving that it is a key player in one of the most competitive telecommunications markets in the Middle East. Umniah has been challenging the conventions of the industry by setting new service standards both nationally and regionally, accomplishing a number of firsts such as setting precedence on a regional level by adopting its per second billing proposition and becoming the first operator in Jordan to introduce WiMAX wireless broadband services in the Kingdom under its leading brand (UMAX). Today, Umniah's mobile customer base exceeds 2.3 million subscribers with a 32% market share.

For more information, visit or call 07-88001333