OneWeb is on a mission to make internet access available and affordable for everyone.

Internet access is critical for digital government, health and education, and lack of access impairs financial growth when markets cannot develop, trade and become economically relevant to each other. This issue impacts everyone, and together we can solve it.

We are building a global constellation of satellites which will be close to Earth, allowing for better web performance and that will logically interlock with each to create a footprint over the entire planet to enable access.

Small, low-cost user terminals will talk to the satellites in our constellation and emit LTE, 3G and WiFi to the surrounding areas, providing high-speed access for everyone.

In early 2018 we will launch an initial 10 production satellites, which, pending a detailed test regimen, will become the first of our fleet. Six months later we will begin our full launch campaign and start providing low latency broadband access as early as 2019.

We have a lot to do between now and then. We have a team of world-class partners to help make it possible and we will need even more help to reach our goal to connect every unconnected school by 2022 and to close the digital divide by 2027.

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