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The London Tube will start getting 4G mobile coverage by 2019

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced the news on 10 August, stating that 4G coverage will be available for passengers to use in the underground tunnels between stations. The work is expected to be announced Thursday by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as part of a package of measures created to tout and improve the capital's digital connectivity, the news outlet said. According to Khan, slow and unreliable broadband is still a major concern and source of frustration for capital which has over 40,000 digital businesses with 200,000 employees. In addition to the the Underground, the Crossrail Elizabeth Line will also feature continuous mobile coverage on the full length of its route when it launches in December 2018. Those travelling along the new Underground route will have full access to the internet, apps and emails in the train tunnels. "London is now a leading global tech hub, with thriving start-ups alongside major companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google", said Khan. This means faster broadband to homes and workplaces, along with 4G connectivity on the London Underground. London Underground stations already offer WiFi, but commuters have to pay for this (unless they're a customer of select mobile networks) and it doesn't cover tunnels between stations. "In that context it is reasonable to say that before too long, every household and every business in London should have access to a superfast internet connection, and that free public connectivity should be a feature of our high streets and public spaces". The Not-Spot Team will travel to London's most poorly served areas and work extensively with local authorities and communications services providers (CSPs) to address the problem. Mayor Khan's pledge was delivered to all 33 London local authorities as part of an overall package of targets for London to meet. "It will provide enhanced productivity, increased digital inclusion, and help keep people digitally connected to friends and loved ones".