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STC multiplies data 3x for "SAWA"

Riyadh 19 October 2017- STC announced launching a new offer to multiply internet data three times for "SAWA" users (Basic-Net-Super), and unlimited calls offer for (SAWA Calls) package, until 10 Nov 2017.

SAWA monthly Packages customers "SAWA Basic" can enjoy the multiply data offer, 600minutes inside the network and 6G internet+6G WIFI for 55SR/Month. Customers can subscribe by sending 5557 to 900. "SAWA Net" users can enjoy 500 minutes inside the network, 15G Internet+15G WIFI for 110SR/Month, by sending 5554 to 900. " SAWA Calls " users can enjoy unlimited calls inside the network, 100 MB for 130/Month, by sending 5555 to 900. "SAWA Super" can enjoy 2000 minutes inside the network, 36G Internet+36G WIFI for 220SR/Month, by sending 5556 to 900. The added benefits can be enjoyed after subscribing to the offer; the packages will be renewed automatically/Monthly. When the offer ends, the packages will return as it was.

Source: STC Press Release