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Launching the new identity of BRAVO

STC Specialized launched its new identity in a celebration that took place yesterday (Tuesday) in Riyadh. Dr. Khaled Biyari, STC Group CEO, confirmed that STC Group moves confidently towards its strategic goals and digitization to comply with the ambitious vision of 2030. Pointing out that STC is a pivotal part in building a digital economy that will give the Kingdom a competitive advantage and will provide modern specialized services in health, transportation, education, security, defense and banking services.

In a speech, he gave through the ceremony, Biyari stated that, “demand for specialised communications is increasing in the Kingdom, and since the first day of acquiring Bravo in 2014, until the acquisition is 100% completed, and launching STC Specialized, the company has been put on a development track through strategic plans. We started to implement an ambitious strategic plan to move the company to a new phase of growth and synergy. Today, STC Specialized is an operational technical arm of Saudi Telecom Group STC”.

Dr. Tariq Enaya, Enterprise SVP, and chairman of STC Specialized, stated that launching the new identity of STC Specialized is an important step toward achieving the company's goals and future vision of building a unified national network for specialized communications, emergency and crisis management. Noting that specialized telecommunications networks play a great role in regulating the work of public services, whether in the transportation sector or the logistics services at airports and seaports, Oil and gas sector, or the public safety sector. in addition to the security role of integrating all the security sectors under a unified communications system, pointing out that the priority of the company is to contribute positively to digitization of the group. The national unified communications, emergency and crisis management Network of STC Specialized is an important tool in the digital transformation process.

Dr. Fahad bin Mushait, STC Specialized CEO, stated that rebranding STC Specialized is a new stage for the company to move towards greater horizons, gain customer confidence, speed up the development process and complete the planned projects in record time. He added that the company's entry into the Saudi telecom market 16 years ago has revolutionized the world of wireless communications in the Kingdom, benefiting from its services in many vital sectors. He added that joining Saudi STC has launched a new era of development and putting the first pillar of the national specialized telecommunication network, which various public and private sectors benefit from, in emergencies and risk /crises management.

Source: STC Press Release