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Viva Bahrain deploys routing platform powered by Noction

Viva Bahrain has achieved another network breakthrough with the successful deployment of the world's first Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) powered by Noction, provider of network routing software. The upgrade allows it instantly to screen thousands of internet destinations and intelligently reroute inbound and outbound traffic based on quality-focused metrics in a matter of seconds.

The system is designed to optimize the internet's standardised Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) decision-making process. It examines all available internet routes for critical network performance indicators such as latency and speed consistency, as well as other important factors such as capacity, current usage and historical reliability of the routes.

Following the live scan, web traffic is immediately routed through the path identified as best, bypassing congestion and outages, enhancing service on latency-sensitive applications such as e-commerce, VoIP and media streaming, and minimising network downtime. It provides analytics as well as instant insights.

The Noction-powered service comes as a second layer upgrade to Viva's new Customer Excellence Centre, which has live dashboards that detect degradations in services even when there is no technical fault in the grid.