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Strategic Partnership Between Misk and STC

STC and Misk foundation signed a memorandum of understanding, in a step to achieve knowledge exchange and capabilities localization.

The MoU aims to empower youth in CIT to support the development of The Kingdom and achieve the objectives of 2030 vision. The MoU was signed by Dr.Khaled Biyari, STC Group CEO and Bader Alasaker, General Secretary of Misk Foundation. The memorandum stipulates on empowering youth in four areas: digital-technical creativity, social communication, scholarships, and training courses. It aims also, to enrich the society, increase the effectiveness of programs and initiatives regarding rehabilitation of Saudi talents, enhance the role of women, develop special content for children, produce awareness videos, organize collaborative competitions for children and youth and establish a joint program for the development of technical solutions.

Source: STC Press Release