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Nepal Telecom upgrades ADSL speed to 5 Mbps

Nepal Telecom (NT) has increased the Internet speed of ADSL service to 5 Mbps, from Magh 25, 2074 (Feb 7, 2018). Only six months ago, NT had upgraded their ADSL speed to 1 Mbps.

NT decided to increase the Internet speed to 5 Mbps, addressing the subscriber’s demands.

It is the most significant upgrade since its introduction.

However, ADSL speed is dependent on the distance of the copper wire from NT office to the premises of subscribers. So, the increase might be insignificant to the subscribers that are far from NT’s office.

Along with the increase in ADSL Internet speed, NT has also introduced data bonus on ADSL recharge.

The data bonus will be available for the customer’s registered GSM or CDMA mobile.

The table below represents the data bonus for respective ADSL recharges.